Mob Armor MobNetic Maxx – Magnetic Phone Mount – Cell Phone Holder – Mobile Phone Holder for Car, Truck, Boat, ATV… Price: $46.99 (as of 30/11/2022 10:55 PST- Details)

MAGNETIC PHONE HOLDER FOR CAR: For easy, hands-free access to your phone, so you can be a better driver. This is the best, most responsible way to transport your phone in a car or truck, while you travel or just drive around town. Swivel head for added versatility.
USE IT ANYWHERE: The magnet will attach to any surface made from iron, steel, nickel, or several other metals, so you can mount it on a variety of metal structures and objects – anywhere a magnet will stick! Also includes 2 MobNetic Shield Plate and 2 Mob Disc, for use with non-metal dashboards and other surfaces.
NEVER FORGET YOUR PHONE AGAIN: Keeping your phone in a designated spot helps you stay clean and organized by reducing clutter. Your phone will stay in place while you drive or work, so you’ll have it on hand and know right where to look for it.