This website has formulated a privacy policy to explain how we collect, preserve and use the information collected by our products, services and websites (hereinafter collectively referred to as “our services”).

If you have any questions or complaints about this policy, please email us to [email protected]

Once you install, use, register or otherwise access our services, it means that you have accepted this policy and expressly agree to process, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this policy on an informed basis. If you do not accept this policy, please do not install, use, register or otherwise access our services. We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time and will publish the modified text on this page after modification. Therefore, please check this page frequently. If you continue to use our services, it means that you accept the changes to this policy.

Non personal information
In this policy, “non personal information” refers to information that cannot directly identify you. In addition, non personal information also refers to “integrated” and “depersonalized” information, that is, the information we collect about the use of our services has removed identifiable personal data. We may use tools or third-party analysis software to automatically collect and use non personal information. The non personal information we may collect and use includes but is not limited to the following types: (1) device attributes, including but not limited to IP address, network card (MAC) address, open unique device identifier and advertising identifier or other permanent or non permanent device identifiers (“device identifiers”); (2) Equipment software platform and firmware; (3) Mobile phone operators; (4) Postal code, area code, rough positioning and other geographical data; (5) Game progress, game time, score and score; (6) Other non personal information that we reasonably need to improve our services and other services and products.

We may disclose to our partners and trustees (including third-party service providers such as credit card processors, mail service providers, transportation agents, data analysts and business information providers, the same below) and allow them to use your non personal information for analyzing the use of our services, advertising, managing or providing our services or improving our services and our other products and services.

You acknowledge and agree that the analysis companies we use can combine the information collected through our services with other information related to your activities that they independently collect from other products or services. These companies collect and use information according to their own policies.

We, our partners or Trustees may supplement your personal and non personal information with information obtained from third parties about demography, advertising, marketing and other analysis and survey services.

Advertising technology
We reserve the right to use and disclose the collected non personal information by us or our partners and trustees for advertising purposes. We may use third-party advertising technology. This technology uses certain methods to collect information in the process of advertising through our services. We or third parties running advertising technology may use demographic and location information and log information obtained from your hardware or equipment to ensure that appropriate advertisements are presented in our services. For this purpose, we or a third party may collect, including but not limited to IP address (including but not limited to the purpose of rough positioning), device identifier, MAC, software, application, hardware, browser information, Internet and online use information and in-game information. The above information can be used and disclosed in accordance with this policy and the privacy policy of the company providing advertising technology.

You acknowledge and accept that the advertising companies that advertise for us can combine the information they collect with the information they collect independently from other services or products. These companies collect and use information in accordance with their own privacy policies. Their advertising technology has been integrated into our services; If you do not accept this technology, please do not install, use, register or otherwise access our services. Although we will make commercially reasonable efforts to instruct these advertising companies to comply with the provisions of this policy, we are unable to access and control third-party technology, so we are not responsible for it.

Positioning data
If you use our services that support location, we may collect and process your location data to provide services and advertisements related to your location. For example, some add ons or offers are location specific. We may use GPS, Wi Fi, IP address and other network data or other technologies for positioning. We will not access your GPS location information without your consent. In addition to our services related to positioning provided by our partners, we will not share your GPS location information with third parties without your consent. If we share GPS location information with third parties in accordance with this policy, we will provide this information anonymously. Please note that we may share your rough location information anonymously with our partners.

Personal information
“Personal information” in this policy refers to information that can directly and specifically identify you.

You may provide us with personal information, including but not limited to: (1) register our services, competitions and special events; (2) Access our services with third-party IDS such as social networking sites and game services; (3) Subscribe to newsletters; (4) Purchase products or services through our online store; (5) Use “share with friends”, “email this page” or similar functions; (6) Request technical support; And (7) use our services that require personal information to use and / or participate in.

The type of personal information may vary according to the activities you participate in. The personal information we collect, process and use may include but not limited to your name, nickname, account name in our services or third-party services, e-mail address, telephone number, photo or other images, gender, address, relatives and friends, avatar, credit card information, transportation information and information that can directly identify your location (the information that cannot directly identify your location belongs to non personal information).

If you choose to use “share with friends” or similar services to order gifts for relatives and friends, or carry out other operations involving your relatives and friends, we may save the name, contact method, address and other information of your relatives and friends you provided to us.

In order to analyze the use of our services, provide customer support and technical support, manage and provide our services (including managing advertising), personalize our communications, improve our services and develop other products and services, we may use your personal information and non personal information separately or in combination. We may combine personal and non personal information.

We may use your personal information to send you technical and / or business information to let you know our or third-party products and services that we think you may be interested in, such as new features, new services, special offers, updates, etc.

Please note that some functions of our service may connect to your social networking site in order to obtain information related to you. If your social networking site allows and with your permission, we may collect information in your social networking site account. Such information includes but is not limited to your name, avatar, gender, user name, e-mail address, nationality, language, time zone, company, personal home page link, the above information of your “relatives and friends” and “fans” on social networking sites, as well as other information you may put in your social networking site account. We may use, combine and associate the above information in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

Disclosure and transfer of personal information
Personal information may be disclosed in accordance with the law and this policy. In addition, we may disclose personal information to our affiliates in accordance with this policy.

We may employ agents and trustees to collect and process personal information in our name. In this case, we will instruct the agent and trustee to comply with this policy and use personal information only for the purpose of employment. We may employ third-party service providers such as credit card processors, mail service providers, transportation agents, data analysts and business information providers. If necessary, we can share your personal information with the above-mentioned third parties so that they can serve us. We are not liable for the acts or omissions of third parties unless mandated by law.

We may disclose your personal information to third parties as required by law enforcement departments or government officials when investigating fraud, intellectual property infringement or other illegal activities or activities that may make us liable. Our disclosure of your personal information to third parties may also occur when we reasonably believe that disclosure is necessary to deal with actual or possible infringement of our rights, property, operations, users and other parties that may be damaged, or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, combat fraud and comply with applicable laws and regulations and national orders. If disclosure is permitted by law, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you of the relevant disclosure through our website or other reasonable means.

Although we will not sell your email, phone number or address to third parties, we integrate data entered by users or inferred from usage, and use or provide integrated data to third parties without identifying individuals.

Data preservation and correction
We keep the data in accordance with this policy until the purpose specified in this policy is achieved, unless it is required or allowed to be kept for a longer time by law. After that, if it is no longer needed for the purpose of this policy, we may completely delete the data we save within a reasonable time. We don’t check whether our personal information is correct.

Despite the above provisions, we may still save some data required to resolve disputes, implement user agreements, meet technical and legal requirements and maintain the safe and complete operation of our services.

Cookies, network beacons and tracking
Our services may use technologies such as cookies and pixel tags, local shared objects, clear gifs and web beacons. We treat the information collected by cookies and similar technologies as non personal information.

Cookies: a “cookie” is a small amount of recorded information that a website often stores on a user’s computer. Our cookies do not include personal information and are generally used to quickly identify your device and “remember” you. You can cancel cookies, or set your browser to send cookies to you to prompt your mode. However, canceling cookies may affect your use of our services.

Flash cookies and HTML5: we may use flash cookies (local shared objects) and HTML5 (local stored objects). Local shared objects are small files similar to browser cookies, which are used to remember your settings and personalize the appearance of our services. Local shared objects collect data only in an integrated manner. You can cancel the local storage of objects in your browser or visit Com to prevent the installation of local shared objects. Local storage objects such as HTML5 web storage are similar to cookies, but generally have more information and more variety than browser cookies.

Web beacons and pixel Tags: “web beacons” or “pixel tags” are electronic images that allow us to calculate the number of web page visits or ad views. Similar to cookies, Internet beacons do not contain personal information. Electronic communications such as emails we send you may contain pixel tags or network tags, so that we can track the use of communications, such as whether we have opened communications, which link we clicked, etc.

Terms and conditions of third parties
Please note that when you use and access our services, you may also comply with the terms and conditions and privacy policies of some third parties such as app stores, map providers, mobile software platforms, online game platforms, social networking sites and payment intermediaries. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the terms and conditions of these third parties and how they use your personal information.

We can choose to let you link to third-party products or services through advertising or other forms. Please note that the third-party products and services you use are not developed and managed by people and enterprises associated with or controlled by us. We are not responsible for the behavior, products and services of these people or enterprises and how to use the information you provide. Our links to them do not allow us to associate or control them.

We may provide the services of our partners at any time, such as quiz, survey, etc. Their services may require you to provide personal information to register or access. These services will identify your partner when you need to disclose personal information. If you choose to disclose personal information, these data may be provided to third parties directly or indirectly through us. You will accept the privacy policies and practices of these third parties. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of these third parties. Therefore, you should review their privacy policies and practices before disclosing personal information.

Please note that in our services, some items such as multiplayer combat, shopping, social networking and games may be verified by comparing third-party services with game identity, online shopping account, social account, online account and other information. If you choose to participate in or use these services, some personal user or account data may be automatically transmitted to these third parties. You hereby agree that we process, use, integrate, disclose and save these data in accordance with this policy.

We reasonably protect the security, integrity and confidentiality of information in accordance with prevailing industry standards. Access to your personal information is limited to those who need to process your personal information to complete work tasks or carry out technical maintenance in accordance with this policy. The personal information we collect is kept in a safe operating environment that is not open to the public. To avoid unauthorized access to your personal information, we keep it in a server protected by a firewall and possibly encrypted. However, no system is 100% secure. Even if we make reasonable efforts, someone may access your personal information without permission. In addition, people’s words and deeds may be unreliable, misleading and illegal. We can’t tell you whether what other users say is true. If you use our services, you should bear the risk of theft, misleading, fraud and illegal infringement of the above data.

If you do not accept this policy and provide the information we require, you may not be able to use our services and functions in whole or in part. However, you need to understand that if you provide this information, you will bear the risk of theft, illegal possession and abuse of this information. If your reputation, property and safety are damaged, the above situation may occur.

Other information
This policy and our use of your personal information are governed by the laws of our place of residence. Our place of residence is not necessarily your place of residence.

If you don’t want to send us the news release and promotion information, please send it to us [email protected]

We will strive to enable you to review, update or correct your personal information stored here. If you need to review, update or correct, please email us to [email protected] 。 In order to identify you, verify your request and help process your request, we will need sufficient information about you. Please note that even if your personal information is changed or deleted according to your request, we may still retain some of your data for the purpose of resolving disputes, implementing user agreements and complying with technical and legal requirements related to security, integrity and service operation.

We will regularly assess compliance with this agreement. If we receive your formal written complaint, we will try to contact you directly. We will cooperate with relevant national departments, including data protection departments, to solve any complaints about the collection, use, transfer and disclosure of personal information that you and we have failed to solve amicably. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or related to the violation, termination and effectiveness of this policy shall be settled by the court with jurisdiction in our place of residence.